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Stir’s – A Cereal ‘sly

Awesome Franchise!

Are you passionate? Are you driven? Are you a trendsetter?  Join with Stir’s to bring a one-of-a-kind concept to your community!

Features & Benefits

Flexible store footprint options to fit a variety of spaces and budgets

Protected Territories

A Product that Customers Already Know and Love

A proven, scalable marketing and brand ambassador program

Multiple Revenue Streams

Analytics-Driven Site Selection & Marketing Assistance

Stir's Virtual Tour

Why Join Stirs?

Stir’s began with a 6-year-old boy who loved cereal enough to hide bowls under the couch for safe-keeping. Our goal is to change where people eat cereal, so if there are any cereal-lovers in your city, then the stage is set for a Stir’s near you.

Stir’s is a fresh, fun idea that appeals to all ages and lifestyles. With several different levels of investment available, you can easily become an independent operator of your own Stir’s franchise.

There is nothing like Stir’s on the market.

This gives you a great opportunity to build a business without competition, while still knowing that your customers already love your product.

Simple & Easy to Operate.

Stir’s is designed for easy operations. There are no ovens, no stoves and no grills.  All you need is a refrigerator.  We make sure you have the tools you need from day one. This means you can be an active owner or hire a manager.  It also means no restaurant experience is required to be successful.

Great Financial Metrics.

Stir’s has a low investment requirement with high-margin products and multiple revenue streams. It’s also very inexpensive to operate, requiring only 1 – 2 employees per shift.

The Retail Store – Over 70 cereals in stock to satisfy any craving your customers have.

Catering – We bring our cereal to our customers too.  Earn more by catering weddings, parties and special events. Our catering menu and business development process makes scaling this part of your business straightforward and profitable.  We even have a food truck to take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way.

Specialty Items – Not only does Stir’s sell cereal, we love our cereal-themed apparel too!  Whether it’s got a Stir’s logo or branded merchandise, our customers jump at the chance to bring a little nostalgia home with them.

B2B & Recurring Orders – We also work with businesses in our community to provide break room and event services with our custom cereal dispensers.  Whether a small office building, a massive corporate campus or a special convention or event, serving the local business community can add thousands of dollars to your weekly revenue.

You’ll Help Fight Hunger.

through our non-profit partner, Friends of Stirs, a percentage of all sales go toward providing meals and donations to fight childhood hunger.

The Perfect Stir's Candidate

This opportunity is for people who are motivated, intrepid, and enthusiastic. Stir’s offers a chance to be part of an exciting evolution of the cereal industry: to bring our favorite breakfast out of the home and into the world!

The Process to Stir’s Ownership

  1. Become Fascinated with Stir’s cereal experience
  2. Complete a Stir’s Franchise Application
  3. Applicant Interview
  4. Review the FDD
  5. Ownership Due Diligence
  6. Participate in a Franchise Discovery Day
  7. Execute the Franchise Agreement
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What is the royalty?

The royalty is 5% of gross sales.

What are the required advertising expenditures?

An advertising expenditure of at least 2% is required.

What is the liquid capital requirement in order to qualify for a Stir’s?

Stir’s requires liquid capital of $50,000 in non-borrowed cash or marketable securities.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The term of the agreement is 10 years with renewals of 5 years each.

How much does a Stir’s Franchise Cost?

A Stir’s franchise costs between $99,400 and $221,700.

What licenses and/or permits are required?

Stir’s works with you to make sure you have the necessary licenses and permits required to open and operate your franchise.  This may vary by city or state.

Can I open multiple locations?

Yes, we have options for multiple locations and offer discounts for 3 or more locations.

Who is responsible for finding the location?

As the franchisee, you are responsible for finding and developing the franchise location.  Stir’s will support you by providing a 3rd party commercial broker to assist you with finding a location, as well as submitting you site package to the company for acceptance review.

How big of a space will I need?

Your location can be anywhere from 200 sq ft to 4,500 sq ft.

Do I need previous restaurant or retail management experience?

Prior experience owning or managing a restaurant or retail business is not required.  However, a franchisee should have a solid background in business or management and a solid financial acumen.  You should also have a passion for your community, the Stir’s concept and a positive, can-do attitude.

Where do the food and packaging products come from?

In order to maintain consistency and take advantage of bulk discounts, all cereal, supplies and other merchandise are ordered from and supplied by Stir’s Enterprises.

Will I receive ongoing franchise development, marketing and operational support?

Of course!  As a member of the Stir’s family, you will receive the latest updates and guidance for all operational and marketing developments on a continuing basis.

Does Stir’s offer financing?

Not directly.  But Stir’s will connect you with funding sources that work with and have made thousands of loans specifically for franchisees.

The Cereal Blog

See what’s happening at Stir’s! Locate the cereal truck, learn about our promotions and events, and get more information about our Stir’s franchising opportunities

What Our Customers are Saying

“Super fun! They have every kind of cereal, even waffle crisp which they don’t make any more. Make sure to try blueberry muffin.”

MitchellHappy Customer

“The whole idea of this restaurant is seriously so great. My husband and I walked in, and were instantly excited to try all the cereal flavors!”

KiraHappy Customer

“Stirs is phenomenal if you're a cereal fan! Lots of options, including some limited brands and a full selection of everything recent.”

DaltonHappy Customer

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